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Modular Smart Actuation Systems

1 Degree Freedom robotics was founded in June 2019 with a vision to help Robotic solution providers solving the problems in motion control.
We are a team of passionate engineers from different disciplines working on actuation solutions. We develop modular systems that can be easily integrated into various types of robots. Robotic solution providers spend a significant amount of time and resources to select and integrate various combinations of actuation components available in the market. We are solving that problem by integrating motor, gearbox, driver, controller and communication system into a plug and play module that can be easily controlled by our software APIs.



Ramesh Ramachandran

Co-Founder & CEO


Satya Swaroop Beegala

Co-Founder & CTO


Nidhi Rao

Hardware Engineer


Vivek CS

Product Designer

Smart Actuators

Smart Actuator is an intrgrated unit with

  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Zero-Backlash Gearbox
  • Motor Driver
  • Feedback Sensors
  • Adaptive Controller
  • High Speed Communication
Providing a complete solution for Robotic Actuation in one compact unit. Multiple units can be attached to each other in a daisy chain topology to build various configurations of Robots. For most of the predefined robotics configurations, trajectory can be controlled by our software APIs. APIs also provide an easy and complete control of Position, Velocity and Torque of each Actuator as well as the total Robotic System.


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